The Joy of Membership

Helpful through Biking: Bike Pittsburgh

May 20, 2021 Season 1 Episode 41
The Joy of Membership
Helpful through Biking: Bike Pittsburgh
Show Notes

When I was a kid, riding my bicycle up and down my block was one of my favorite things to do. We had a little creek at the end of the street that served as a gathering spot for all of the neighborhood kids… I guess it was a little like gathering around the water cooler that adults do in the workplace. From our bikes, we’d swap stories, make up games, and just be kids. I haven’t really thought much about biking as an adult. It’s just not part of my life nowadays.  However, that’s not true for this week’s guest. Sarah Quinn is Membership & Outreach Manager at BikePGH, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making Pittsburgh's streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

As someone who didn't own a car until she was 25, Sarah understands the need for equitable transportation options. She was drawn to BikePGH's mission - to make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers - so that ultimately all neighbors can access the things they need without needing to own a car.

Connect with Sarah:
Bike Anywhere Week is packed with events and resources to help you make the most out of your ride, meet other folks who like to bike, and get involved in our work for safer streets. Visit to learn more!

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Yes, there is a “real” Joy in The Joy of Membership.

Founder & CEO Joy Duling has been working with leaders of associations, trade groups and nonprofits since 2005.

She has also walked the same journey, serving for nearly 10 years as the Executive Director of a membership-based nonprofit which she helped launch from scratch and led to annual revenues of more than $1M exclusively from membership contributions.

Joy has been widely recognized as a speaker, an online educator and a trusted advisor, twice winning the “Unsung Hero Award” from the National Association of Women Business Owners' Central Illinois Chapter. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work with Specialization in Policy, Planning and Administration. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, team facilitation, change management, and association operations.

But beyond industry experience and education…

Joy Duling is the calm voice you want to have in the room when you, your team, or your board is overwhelmed by ideas and options.

She's a trusted resource at the other end of an email or phone call who knows the answer, or can find the answer, when it's not clear what to do next in your approach.
She's a planner of systems and driver of progress that helps your organization achieve stretch goals.

She's a gifted facilitator of conversation, collaboration and constructive growth. 

And she's approachable and results-oriented,  which makes it easy to shake loose of the old and start fresh on the new.